Sunday, October 01, 2006

I finally figured it out ..

Figured out the difference.

I have come to believe that predominantly there are two types of people and by extension work places. The first kind are those that are organized, hard working, disciplined, planned and taking work and everything seriously. In the MBTI lingo they might be frames as the 'J' Types. The other are the starkly differently 'P' types, the seemingly chaotic, disorganized, go-with-the-flow types, working at odd-times, having no predictable schedule or delivery and yet, they are often the very brightest and driven by passion for what they are doing.

I guess it is no coincidences that creative companies have more of the latter types. Companies (like my ex-company) that favor the 'P' type are more likely to come up with the next-big-idea - something so totally cool. And yet terrible though it may sound, it is the 'J' type companies that seem to have the discipline to be able to monetize an idea, irrespective of whether the idea what theirs or not in the first place. They are planned and disciplined enough to take the idea to fruitation, predictable enough for the customers to be able to trust them.

The 'P' types are more likely to discover and start to the new place, however, on the way, they are distracted by tons of stuff and often the 'J' types overtake them and beat them to it.

This is the single biggest difference I have seen in my last two companies, one is inherently 'cooler' and the other more 'profitable'


Amol said...

That's not all. It really depends on the 'M's of the Company. ( You know which lingo is this. ) They can work together to collectively create a homogeneous 'M'agnetic field so that the 'J's align and 'P's drift towards a given direction. It's not too difficult for 'J's to eventually become 'P's in a heterogeneous field.

Some random thoughts said...

Nicely put. Didn't think of it this way.

The biggest challenge for the 'M'agnet is to make the 'J' think out of the box and to not let the 'P' lose focus of either the end goal or the timelines.

amol said...

While you deal with your challenges, let me say what I missed earlier, as the my final comment: The original post was way cool, hope you post more of them.. !