Sunday, October 01, 2006


The year was 1986; I was in my 10th grade and we had a chapter in history about Max Muller, Aryans and the origin or languages. It impressed me greatly to think that all the languages might probably have a single origin and someone had painstakingly researched it. Was is a coincidence that most languages have a similar sounding word for 'Mother', Mata, Mather ...? It fascinated me for all these years as how different people, far of places are all tied by some ancient history of the spoken words. I would consciously or otherwise try to find similarity in words of different languages and feel ecstatic each time I was successful.

Today after 20+ years of letting the thought languor in the backyards of my mind, I decided to study it further. As always, I googled - 'Max Muller origin of languages'

I wasn't prepared for what I got. From the little I read and researched, I can't seem to hold Max Muller in very high regards anymore.

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