Monday, August 28, 2006

Kinds of blogs

I have been taking a peek at (quite a) few blogs and like most other things in life, It am trying to compartmentalize and label them with the objective of trying to figure out where I stand.

The labels so far :

- The techy's talk
The blogs which explain some of the finer details of a some particularly obtuse and cool technology making it in the process, cooler but hopefully much less obtuse.

- Autobiographies in the making
Broadcast about the noteworthy (and at times totally forget-worthy) happenings in the life of writer.

- New Channels
Regular updates in all that is happening (or not happening) in the environment. A personal news reporting and commentary channel.

- Writer's Blog (often block)
Rusty and wannabe writer needing and getting practice at the cost of willing audience. Oftimes amidst the thorns springs a lively rose.

- Raving Rants
Space and avenue for all the vent up and pent up frustations in the life of the writer - a web punching bag. The web gladly provides willing ears for chronic cribbers and thankfully saving the real live people.

- Food for thought
Musings that provoke thinking, catalyze ideas, provoke passions and crystallize thoughts. Oftentimes the thoughts are stale, the idea stink and passions inspid.

- Sticky notes for random ideas
Place to capture some passing brain dumps and seemingly cools ideas to be analyzed and often trashed in future

Where do I fall? Mostly the last I should guess though once in a while it spills over to a few others.


Anonymous said...

May be unknowingly, but you are actually chartering into '"Autobio...." and "Food.....' categories.

Some random thoughts said...

It is hard to for anyone to stick to a single category even when they try. I am not even trying. There is nothing wrong in any of the categories even though I might vary from one extreme of sounding nasty to the other extreme of condescending/pratronizing about the different categories. Each has a reason, and each of these fills a need. I guess, the original post sounded as if I was favoring some categories over the other and hence I have made some edits to it.

Anonymous said...

That was a very nice categorization!!