Monday, April 16, 2007

Cast and Typecast

I forced the doctor to prematurely remove my cast - it felt too much of a constraint, icky and stinky; understandably my walk feel funny and wobbly and worst of all it hurts.

This made me think of the parallels between our mind and bodies.

We put cast/plasters on to specific areas with a specific purpose. They support or restrict our join/muscle motion and prevent injury, stress or pain.

So also with out opinions. They are no more than a 'cast' on our thinking. What purpose do they serve? Maybe to prevent us from stress or thinking too much, maybe as a mode self preservation. And yet, even though they serve our purpose, to someone outside our mind, they stink!

When the cast it cut, normal things like wriggling our toes or the sensation of water on the skin are an exhilarating experience, so also when suddenly we remove the 'typecast' in the mind - it can quite stimulating!

After the 'cast' is removed, normal things like walking can be scary and hurtful. It isn't too different with the tearing down of metal shackles. It feels unfamiliar, is intimidating and it hurts. And just like there is a need to bandage for some more time after the removal of the plaster, one probably need reassurance and support to break down the mental barriers.

We are usually very accommodating of other people's physical cast - we give them all the support they need to tide over the time, get strong and get back on their feet; And yet it is so hard to be accepting of the mental casts and give people the help they need to be strong enough to break out of their mental typecasts.


Karizmatic said...

public class Language
String s = "Java and JavaScript";
public static void main(String[] args)
{new Language();}
Language() {
String sResult[]=s.split("Java");
for(Sting s : sResult) {

Can any one tell me how to compile this program with out errors and what is the output???
pls email the correct code at

Karizmatic said...

class Brand2Hand implements Runnable
boolean bStop;
public static void main(String[] argv)
Brand2Hand b2h = new Brand2Hand();
Brand2Hand b2h2 = new Brand2Hand();
public void start(){
for (int i=0;i<100;i++)
if (bStop == true)

Can any one tell me how to compile this program with out errors and what is the output??? pls email the correct code at I appreciate your sincere efforts.