Tuesday, September 12, 2006

God and Humans

Another of those really weird thoughts that occasionally hit my mind -

All religions and the like insist that God is within us all and eventually we are one with ‘Him’. The greeting ‘Namaskar’ itself means that I salute the God with you, a reiteration of the thought that God resides deep inside us.

Well, the analogy the this conjures is that of a computer.
- God is the Super User, operating in the Kernel Mode
- Man a mere user, operating in the User Mode

The mode in which God operates gives ‘Him’ the Infinite privileges to do anything, anytime
The User modes gives us only finite privileges and we need to share the resources with multitude of other similar users like us. We can be preempted, de-scheduled or logged out at any point of time. We have access to only a slice of the time-share, all the other time we are in a state of perpetual wait-event.

Just like God and Us are one and yet so different, so also the Super User/Normal User a part of the same Operating environment, using the same CPU to power themselves, composed of the same sets of machine instructions and yet so different in what they can do.

A parting thought..
Why restrict the analogy to God and Humans, couldn't the other life forms be represented by scripts, applications, cron jobs, daemons and shells in the analogy?


Pushuka said...

Neat analogies. And you're probably the most prolific blogger I've ever come across.. keep blogging.. :)

Some random thoughts said...

Thanks for the nice comments Pushkar.

I never realized that anyone actually read these blogs. (excluding the couple of people I have known for decades)