Thursday, July 26, 2007


OK, so this one is really weird but I can't hep myself from penning this, so here goes..

There are tons of analogies for men and women, Martian and Venusians being a very popular one. How about AC and DC?

Women are like AC with lows and highs, peaks and pits, men by comparison more like DC and less fluctuating and more constant.

Points to ponder
- Debate about what is better, AC or DC would never cease
- AC has alternating polarity while DC has constant polarity
- AC magnitude and direction is variable while both are constant for DC voltage
- AC is easy to easy to step up or down
- AC current is capable of transformation (due to induced emf) unlike DC current
- AC current has more losses compared to DC
- Nothing can stop the AC, not even a straight wall .. eh .. capacitor

The clinching evidence ..
- AC currents can be more dangerous than similar levels of DC current since the alternating fluctuations can cause the heart to lose coordination
- Analysis of AC system always involved complex numbers, while DC is only a real number


Yogesh's Blog said...

Does that mean men are more straight forward? ;)

Some random thoughts said...

You can derive your own conclusions :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shruti,
Love reading your blog as always.
Am in Mumbai right now ..
Will come back to blore soon ..
Keep writing .

Some random thoughts said...

Thanks Dakshina,
I came to know about your move to Mumbai etc. some time back. Hope life is treating you well and you are having fun :-)