Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What do I blog?

Why do I blog? This is a question that has been lurking on the outskirts of my mind for a while now. Why, why, why it tries to enter and each time I push it back. Well today being a lazy long holiday I decided to finally decide to let the question gather a foothold and come on in. It still wasn't invited but I did not push it out like a poor beggar - come to disturb my peace.

I made a deal - I will put forth all possible reasons and not try too hard to figure out which of these were valid for me.

So here it goes :

- Vanity, to show off that I can think and write - not well all the time but sometimes :-)
- Recommendation, someone strongly recommended that I should take up writing, not professional writing but write seriously, what better place than to start with a blog
- Expression, there are times when I have an idea and I am bursting to share it with others, and yet, doing it overtly sounds weird; this is more subtle, people can read when they want to without any pressure on my end. And yet, there are <5 people who know of the existence of my page!
- Vent, this is possibly a vent for all the strong feelings that overcome me at times
- Musings, thinking makes make write, and to write I need to think and sort out my thoughts, which often helps bring clarity to them
- Sharing, haven't done it enough yet, but it would probably help me connect with others out there
- It's cool, not really sure its still true!
- Everyone is doing it, that was never a motivation for me, not sure if it is now
- Understanding, as with most people, few people understand me, this is probably a way to help people take a peek inside the chaos that is my mind

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Anonymous said...

Your are definitely improving and can look into serious writing as an alternative career :)