Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good Cop, Bad Cop

No I am not talking about the movie. I am talking about managers.

I had noticed some absolutely wonderful managers having totally terrible managers report to them. I often wondered why do these seemingly perfect managers hire/tolerate these horrible managers, can't they train them to be better? be more sensitive? can't they get rid of them in the very least before they lose the whole team?

It suddenly occurs to me that maybe there is a purpose to it?
Is it possible that the reason is as simple as - 'Good managers don't want to (either consciously or otherwise) get rid of the 'Bad managers. Could it be that they are - knowingly or unknowingly playing Good cop, Bad cop with the team. One relentlessly pushes the team and makes them work by coercion and the other being the popular one make them work due to a personal rapport. Is it possible that the 'Good' manager is actually keeping the 'Bad' manager to do his dirty job.


Pushuka said...

The bad manager also makes the good manager look great... :-)

amol said...

Great observation !! I'll tell you why..
You are talking about a situation which is the plot in Vijay Tendulkar's play "Ghashiram Kotwal" (1972).
The play is one of the most controversial and one of the longest running plays in the world. It has received both accolades and criticism locally and internationally. The plot, in the shortest possible words is like:
(Arguably) the best politician from the pages of Indian history, Nana Phadanavis, the prime minister of Peshwas, appoints Ghashiram (almost a slum dweller) as the Kotwal of Pune to curb corruption etc. etc. Ghashiram's methods are crude and direct and he establishes law and order (actually terror). So expectably, the people of pune rush to Nana with a demand to bring his dictatorship to an end. Nana issues a death sentence and the story ends ( or begins ) there..'
There are many views and counter-views, however one of the most imp thing is, not always can the 'Good' managers issue a 'death sentence', the situation may go out of control and become similar to something that's happening in world politics today. You know what I am talking about..

Some random thoughts said...

Thanks for pointing out the connection, espcially with someone as renowned as Vijay Tendulkar.

The moment this realization hit me, it was like "Oh my God, its all a game, a huge set up". Nothing is what it seems like and I have been so naive ..

Also thanks all for reading and commenting. Its still embarassing, since it all started as a kindof 'sticky pad' for any passing thoughts but I am realizing maybe I am not as weird as I thought myself to be :)