Friday, October 06, 2006

Words and Characters

Words reveal a lot about a person, the written words even more so.
In this age of the email communications, I guess its got more to do with characters than words. So very literally each character you use (or skip), ends up reflecting your own character :)

What I have observed that people who tend to use acronyms (FYI, BTW, TC, CU, v.good, :) etc. )extensively are more likely to be of the 'Minimalistic' types as opposed to the 'Elaborate' kinds who tend to write full bodied mails.


Yogesh's Blog said...

It's the invasion of internet lingo in common day life. It seems people want to simplify the language as much as possible.( Or want to put max words in SMS ;) ) Beaware! Children are using lingo in their language papers!!

Some random thoughts said...

Internet and SMS gave us a new lingo, but why do some use it more often than the others? That IMO :) is a part of the key to a person.