Friday, September 22, 2006

A taste for the wierd

After a period of hibernation and fasting, my thoughts buds are again in action, confirming my doubt about their taste for the wierd.

Why is an easy, fun task called a 'Cake Walk'?
Walking on a mushy, slippery, gooey, spongy, soft, creamy, sticky, icky, sweet cake can neither be easy, nor fun and most certainly a waste of both the cake and the effort of walking; not to forget the mess that is left behind to clean!


Pushuka said...

I've probably used the phrase a million times, but never stopped to think how it would be to actually walk in a cake... you definitely have a taste for the weird!! :)

Some random thoughts said...

Thoughts make a man and I guess weirds thoughts make for a weird man (or woman).

I am used to being called weird :)

Kalyan said...

wow, cool...never really saw this side of you Shruti :) Keep posting!!!

Anonymous said...

You'r really thinking now. Googled and found this:

A couple of centuries ago, "cake" meant an award or honor of some kind. So, one who received the award, "took the cake". The "cakewalk" got its name from this expression.

Some random thoughts said...

Thanks for the explanation, makes sense. I guess that's where the phrase, 'Walk away with the cake comes from'.

But I guess, walking with the cake aka cake walking is still not easy though, atleast for a clumsy person like me.