Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't crib

Another of my favorite recurring themes that I keep telling everyone (and hopefully following it myself too) ..

Don't crib, do something about it.
If you don't like something or someone or a situation, there are always three choices
- Accept it and live with it
- Change it
- Leave it

As usual I was lecturing someone about their difficult position when I happened to use an analogy that I particularly liked.

Each person is like a TV set which plays out certain channels, if you don't like what is showing you always happen to have the following choices :
- Either try to change the channel and hopefully you will like the new one better
- Shut the TV up completely - if you can't find the remote, switch off the power
- Move to a different room, possibly with and alternate TV set
- Go and read instead and ignore what is playing :-)

On afterthoughts though, it isn't as easy at it seems.

The TV may be priceless (emotional value, heritage value etc.) and impossible to get rid of but still practically useless.
The TV may be playing stupid soaps and stuff but maybe you are addicted to them and not ready to quit the habit however so you may pretend
The TV may be so loud and distracting that it may follow you to the other room
The TV may be your sole company and maybe you can't afford a new one!

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