Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Evolution and religion

Continuing with the theme of evolution in the context of religion.

Why do people take up to religion?
Why do people give up religion and become atheists?
Why do people change their religion? or prefer one over the other?
Could be that different religions in this world cater to different needs to a different extent?

Could it be that all the rituals, all the “puja”, all the offerings, the chanting, the abstinence (or lack of it in Tantra), all the posturing, bowing appease an inherent need for all things “physical and biological”

Could be it be that all the religions gathering, the sermons and the “satsangs”, the mass prayers, charity satiate our “Social needs”

Religion answers some of the questions, mostly it triggers more questions that is answers, encourages some to find answers to the riddles of life, could it be that this triggers our “Intellectual needs”

Do we choose religion based on our individual needs and the religion/sect that satisfies it best?
Does the extent of how religious we are match with how complementary our personal religion is to our needs ..

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