Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Life as a journey

Where I go and reach depends on both my Capability and Will.

Capability : I may be willing to go to some places and yet not have the means to reach there. The capability could limited by my conveyance, physical capacity, monetary capacity, my companions or knowledge/ignorance.

Will : There are places where I could go but just don't feel inclined to go to. It is also possible that I don't feel inclined to go to anywhere and just stay put at home and be content with it.

As in a journey, so also in life.

Where I reach in my life and what I achieve depends on both Capability and Will.

While on this journey the possibilities are many. A person may,

- Enjoy the journey and also the destination
- Love the journey but feel let down by the actual destination
- Enjoy the journey but never reach the destination
- Hate the journey but bear it for the love of the destination
- Hate both the journey and the destination and still undertake take it for various reasons
- Take an alternate path
- Just stay home and do nothing, enjoy the comfort and luxury and a sense of belonging and knowing - basically just chill and reach nowhere and do nothing - and it is OK, not everyone had a need to travel or see places!!

Just because one person is widely travelled does not necessarily imply the person is also happier or more satisfied. Does not even imply that the person in more knowing than others.

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