Monday, June 02, 2008

An evolution of a person

More thoughts on evolution :

In the early years of ones life, a person is struggling with survival. Life is based on basic needs and their instinctive responses.
(A struggle of biology over inorganic)

As the years progress, a child becomes a social creature and acceptance becomes as important as physical needs.
(Society taking over biology)

With time, the young adult/adult becomes curious and starts questioning. The intellect gets stimulated, starts questioning norms, often at the cost of going against the society and losing acceptance!
(Intellect conquering society)

Different people are stuck up in different states of evolution. Some dissipate their minds and bodies and lead an inorganic life, others are instinct based, yet others believe in working for the common good and lastly some lead a lonely life of thought and questioning!

Neither of these states is absolute and people struggle all their lives with each of these forces winning at different times.

On a side note, is there a reason people get into a committed relationship/marry around their 20-30s?? Has it something to do with evolution and meeting point of biological, societal and intellectual needs? Too early and biology/instincts win (crush/infatuation), to late and intellect takes over (not enough passion)

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