Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Virtualization : God and Humans - part II

My last entry was an analogy on God and Human with Computers

I thought, I blogged and I thought I was done. But as usual I was wrong.
A friend of mine send me a comment and had me - what else, but Thinking!

This is what he said :
" Now what happens when we introduce concept of virtualization. now we have many virtual gods that confuses the hell out of humans :-) "

So what about Virtualization? How does it change things? Does it really change things?

Virtualization does not change the intrinsic capability of the machine, it has still the same type and number of CPUs, the same the same horse power, so in a way nothing changes.

What changes however is that the user has the ability to choose the the OS, and not just that, the user can choose how many OS there are at any point of time. He can choose to have guest OSes, use one OS for one particular feature and put another to a completely different use. He can play around as per his wish, needs, habit, training, upbringing, convenience, whims, fancy, belief, bias, circumstances, ease-of-use whatever we call it.

It isn't too much different when it comes to the God/Human analogy? Why do we have so many Gods, so many Saints, God Men, Angels, and the like. Just like we have strong opinions about different OSes, each of the Gods has a particular aspect that appeals to us and we worship that, oftentimes we have more than one God/Saint that we believe in. We pray/call either or many, knowing in our heart that God is one.

At times, our belief in 'Our God' is so strong that we argue till no end about which God/OS is more appropriate, totally forgetting that it is all 'virtual'

As a parting thought? What about the Atheists?
I suppose they are the no frills people who prefer to work without an OS, let alone Virtualization!

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