Tuesday, September 05, 2006

So many thoughts

So much to write about, thoughts are flitting in my head and making me dizzy. I would love to write, think, analyze and compartmentalize (not necessarily in that order) and it frustrates me to not be able to do that with the limitations of time.

Just jotting them down so that I can revisit them when I have time and if they are still have a hold on my head.

Here goes,

- Why this cyncism on my part about 'Self Help' courses and books? partly because they attempt to provide quick fixes or ideal recipes for how to live and lead your life - and that too with so scope for variations and disagreements

- Also because I am inherently sceptical about stuff that is too popular and sold very well - and that's what '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' is.
And when you think of it, there is inherently nothing in this course that you dont already know, even though I have to agree that a couple of analogies are good. This is a good case study for packaging (old wine in new bottle) and marketing

- How is emotional bank account analogy (courtesy 7 Habits of Steven Covey) different or similar to the strokes or Transactional Analysis

- Emotional account analogy and the concept of why a deposit is not really so until the other party agrees it is so

- MBTI vs 7 Habits, is there an implication that some types are more 'effective' than others? I see myself clenching my teeth and feel strongly against this kind of generalization.

.. more to come

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