Thursday, August 31, 2006

Work, Life ... Balance!

At one point of time I had given thought to the idea of work-life balance and how much all the companies and HR talk about it.

It sounded absurd to me. How can the company provide or help provide a work-life balance to a person because it is ONLY THAT EXACT PERSON who knows the EXACT POINT at that particular point in time where things balance!

Just like a scale on a pivot where -
- different weights against an object balance at different points on the scale
- different things at the same place need different weights to balance

so also people.

Where does my balance in life lie depends on my capabilities, my aspirations, my ambitions, my life position, my support system and a million other things.

Thankfully its not hard to achieve even though its sounds hard.

Now coming to the point of why I believe HR has no role to play in it.
Why because I get rewarded accordingly to the amount of effort that I put and the extent of output that I produce for my work. The more I work, the more I get rewarded. The more I give of myself to my work, the less I have of myself for everything else. I need to myself figure out what works for me. How does HR (or anybody else for that matter) decide which is the right amount of myself give where?

Last but not the least, the more give of myself to work, the less I have of myself for everything less but not necessarily less of life. If work is important to me, and work is my life, the more I put myself into my work, the more I have of life and that is perfect balance too!

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