Monday, August 28, 2006

Neutral view point!

Its silly how sometimes a small thought or statement can take control of your mind. Its so happened that a two days back someone talked about someone having a 'neutral view point' - and ever since, I have this deamon (- maybe I should call it a demon)process running at the back of my mind, not taking too much of processing but now and then, it interferes with my other thoughts.

So here it goes,

Is there anything like a 'neutral point of view'. I understand there can be two potentially extreme views on a subject and something mid-way between these can warrant being call the neutral view point. But then, as soon as you hold a view, just any view, on an extreme or midway, there is bound to be an antithesis - an exact opposite of that view - which immediately means the view is not neutral anymore. Neutral, midway, extreme, they are just relative to where you are, what is neutral to you might not be so for someone else, and what is seemingly an extreme, is actually a baseline for another.

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