Saturday, August 12, 2006

All too mixed up!

There are so many feelings in life, at times it is hard to understand why one feels attracted to someone.

Attraction could be driven by many factors,
- instincts, - mind, - body, - harmones, - conditioning, - physical deprivation or excesses, and even things like plan habit!

The most basic is driven by lust, the physical form of attraction. The next level takes the form of a performance wherein you get attracted to a person for their personality, their presence, their energy, the aura which envelopes them and you can scarcely keep your eyes off the show. Often there is attraction towards a person because you want to study them, they make a fancy subject, an interesting specimen that is both rare and fascinating. Next is the attraction for the voyeur in us, we live our lives vicariously thru them and it attracts us to religiously follow the journey of our reflected self. Attraction could be there for the 'stars' who represent our dreams, the perfect lives, the perfect beings, life as we would like it to be. Then ofcourse, the plain ol' friendship is attractive too, we share, our lives, our selves and that makes our lives and the people attractive. How can I forget the attraction for the direct opposite of all that we are not. Not having something makes us yearn for it and as a result so many more attractive. Attraction could also be as a result of pity and empathy. It could be because someone helps us understand who we are, helps us grow and lead a more complete life. Just as opposites attract, so also identicals, just because this means there are no differences, no jarring issues.

Beyond all these attractions is an instinctive connection. The spiritual connect. Why? Because the life motive, the drive is the same, the soul resonate together and this harmony of the souls brings them together like no other connection ever can.

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