Friday, June 09, 2006

What role are you playing today?

There was a time I couldn't think of any topics to write about - now there are so many and yet no time to pen my thoughts.

A while ago I was thinking of all the possible roles a person plays and how effortless (not always though) a person moves from one stage to the other.

Its been a remarkable day of sorts, so what roles did I play today?

- A mother both critical and nurturing
- A wife, both nagging and supportive
- A child, an adult
- A daughter-in-law (of the best kind I think :) )
- A cook
- A story teller
- A manager - instructing a problem employee, supporting a potential star, reassuring the frayed nerves of others
- A problem employee ;)
- A human being - a good one at that
- A responsible citizen
- A writer - as I do this
- A patient ear to all the concerns, stories, ideas
- A soothing mouth to calm the fears of a concerned parent
- A facilitator for laisoning between different team
- A transporter of ideas from the team to the concerned network
- A network!
- A daughter
- A sister
- A friend
- A resource
- An object of hate and ridicule (yes, unfortunately even that!)
- A receiver of accolades - thankfully this too :)
- A linker of different networks
- A broadcaster of all my info
- A parasite thriving on speculation
- A miss-fix-it, go-getter
- A miss miss-fit
- An ideal - I think I sensed that in one person's eyes today and remember someone telling me that I was a role model - felt really good.

.. so many more... isn't it surprising how many roles we play - and yet we call our lives boring at time?

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