Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hyper vs High Energy

A long time ago, I had an interesting discussion with an interesting person regarding High Energy person vs a Hyper person, he maintained that they are both the same thing while I insisted that there is a difference however subtle.

High Energy Person : This is when someone's mean/median energy levels (any combination of these) are higher than an average person energy level.

Hyper Person : When a person's thresholds are lower and a small event/trigger can put the person at a higher than normal energy levels for that person. Basically a person can move to the next level with minimal stimuli, something which most other people will not be affected by. The higher energy level is not a normal state for the person, it is due to the trigger and therefore metastable. Once the triggers are gone the person returns to the original energy levels.

A person can be neither of these, either of these or both, I am probably both.
There can be many hyper low energy people as also non-hyper (stable) high energy

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