Sunday, June 18, 2006

Patterns : Covering up or Closing your mind?

It sounds weird but I see a pattern in the hear gear and the general 'openness' of the corresponding society:

I do understand that all the head dress had a purpose, protecting from cold or wind, protecting from sand and dust, protecting your position or simply hiding you women with the intention of protecting them. Whatever the reason, it seems to me, as if the more you covered your head, the more you close up your minds!

1) Modern society : No head dress : open to experimenting, new ideas, neither orthodox, nor conservative

2) Ancient society : No head dress : Fast evolving society, the Golden periods of history, fast development, equality and all the good things associated with it, new ideas emerging, creative juices at work in all of art, science and literature

3) The Purdah following societies : Strict head and other dress code for women : Limited progress, primarily by men, none for women. Its like once you cover the head, you also close it

4) Middle Eastern cultures : Strict head and dress code for both men and women : Minimal progress for the whole society, limited evolution and contributions in fields of art, science, literature

5) Orthodox societies in the northern part of India : Purdah for women and pagri etc for men. Very othrodox and conservative, closed to new ideas, stuck in the past, limited progress, limited if any contribution on all fronts

6) European cultures of yore with flowing hats and wigs : Not a strict code but highly popular. More conversation than today, less free flow of ideas, strict ideas about prim and proper, expectations, some development but not as fast as now when these things look ridiculous. Who follow it still (the royalty) have still orthodox and less open to new ideas

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