Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Slotting machines

People are slotting machines of everything and everyone, I as much, if not more than others.
They brand, this is moral - that is evil, such and such is good - flip side bad, so on and so forth, the list is long, I see no end.

And yet when I think of it, is really so easy to give a verdict?

We slot people, places, events and behave as we are conditioned to feel for that slot. There are times when we feel perplexed because our instinctive feelings do not agree with the conditioned feelings.

It is fair to slot? There are people who we think of as friends and yet, we hesitate to share, there are those in the family with whom we do not bond, there are peers and yet we are not equals.

And once in a while comes a stranger who can completely trust, a person who is not a friend but with them you share not just feelings and facts but also instincts, not a family but there is a connection that you cannot trace, there is no reason and yet you stay in touch, you understand completely and yet without trying, someone who is fascinating but not a 'specimen', someone you know, but don't know at all, someone who is your guide except that you don't know where it is leading to, who is your psychologist but no shrink! A normal person, but how normal is that?
How would you slot this?

On a parting note, its hard to trust strangers but easiest to share with strangers who you trust; for with a stranger there is no fear of being judged or slotted or canned and labeled.

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