Friday, May 15, 2009

First time managers

Easy way to spot first time managers. I am just using the term for all those people who want to show "responsibility" rather than act with "responsibility".

The term "First Time Managers" is just to catch eyeballs. There are some really mature new managers and some really bad experience managers.

Telltale signs include : -
- On email 20 hrs a day with email response time < 2 min
(See how hard I am working)

- Pointing out non-existing or inconsequential issues to show they are on top of things
(See how hard I am looking)

- Hitting the "Reply-all" and copying anybody of "importance"
(See how I keep everyone informed)

- Taking umbrage anytime they are not copied on emails
(See people are not cooperating with me or not respecting me enough)

- Micromanaging everything
(See I well I manage projects)

- Gruff behavior with team and peers, unnecessary need to assert/be aggressive
(Now you see how is the boss! - I am no pushover)

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