Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have observed that bosses typically fall into three categories : Dumb, Mediocre and Smart.

These adjectives are meant to describe a bosses' faculties in comparison to you .. dumb actually means is dumber than you, mediocre means about the same as you and Smart would be much brighter than you.

How to deal deal with each of them :

Dumb bosses :
They have their own uses. Provided ofcourse you learn their levers and are able to handle them well. As long as your boss is not threatened by you and you are able to make him/her feel that they are great and all your good ideas are infact coming from them, they will depend heavily upon you and you end up controlling the boss and your destiny. The important thing is to make sure that the people who really matter know your worth and its only a matter of time before they will notice that you are actually doing your boss's job in additional to yours and might even promote you for it. You are entering a danger zone if your boss is feeling threatened by your competency in which case he/she will personally ensure and take pleasure in your fall.

Mediocre bosses :
These bosses would work great only if you share a great personal rapport with them. When the bonding is strong, each of you is able to forgive the other person's mediocrity and focus on their strengths. If the rapport is missing, the professional relationship too is doomed because you end up noticing the lack of competence more; there is nothing to compensate for or forgive for the lack of brilliance on either side.

Smart bosses :
If you willing to work hard and willing to learn, these are the ones who will challenge you to do better. The catch lies in the fact whether or not you are able to deliver to their expectations. If you do, they help you grow and more importantly you can bask in the glory of a job well done and the accompanying sense of achievement. If one the other hand you'd rather live/enjoy your life and don't want to spend those extra long draining hours at work, these bosses are not the ones to forget and forgive - probably its time to move on.

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