Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another of life's contradictions ..

Life is never simple, sometimes by choice and at other times, unwittingly, inadvertently.

People strive so hard, every single day :

To climb mountains they do not love,
To amass things they don't really want,
Achieve goals that are hollow and mean nothing,
Realize dream that make living a nightmare,
Attain heights that leave them lonely and acrophobic,
Follow paths that leave them lost,

They keep believing that life is worth living only when we die trying hard ..
.. they are too serious about life to be able to live every moment of it ..

Trying to be brave and living a life they do not want .. it would be so simple to just let go ..

At such time, bravery lies in not being brave but giving up ..


Ritesh said...

That brings on to eons old question - what is then the purpose of life? why are we living it?

now i can list out a few reasons... hey! i think now i have reason to blog :)

S said...

The purpose of Life is; To live, here and now. If we preferred the alternative, we would not be here now. Life is a gift, in the face of the void. Life is a dream, but it's OUR dream. We can make it a hell, or we can make it a heaven, with every choice we make. There is always a third option. Peace. :D