Friday, August 10, 2007

Quick Thought

Its funny how for some people the definition of personal space is to be able to recede into their shell and for the others it is to go really far away, outside of their current existence.

The thing to note is that in both the cases the attempt is to go away from the current, the difference is only in the direction of the movement - inside or outside.


Beji said...

I read your blog , love your constant analysis of life and patterns,great going....and yes!! this is genuine work!!

Some random thoughts said...

Thank you Beji. I too enjoy reading your poetry. You have a real talent - even a poetically challenged person like me can pick many gems while traversing through your blog.

Anonymous said...

Personal space in these busy days has just becoming getting time to do what i like most without being interrupted and simply trying to zero-in on other problems of life --