Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Energy vs Ennui

Our CEO visited us yesterday, travelling for over 20 hours, reached in the morning, had meeting all through the day and left by the night for another long journey!

Hows that for energy?

I was floored by the all hands meeting and feel good about being where I am.

Well, I digressed, I wanted to talk about Energy levels. I've touched the topic once before, it is something that is very close to me.

A person will always find it tough not to favor the high-energy person over the dull/sluggish one. Its probably natural, few enjoy having to goad someone into bringing an super idea to fruitation, getting the work done and the like.

The trouble starts when one cannot differentiate between lack of energy and ennui. Oftimes what is mistaken for indolence is simple boredom, a feeling of dissatisfaction arising from lack of interest.

It only takes a crack at this superfial coat of weariness to expose the bright, vernal sapling ready to shoot forth in all its bloom in all its glory. Before long, what was considered as dead is brusting forth with energy and a will to take up the next challenge.

Where does the gardener/manager fit in? in being able to distinguish between the bright, the difficult and the dormant and being able to treat them accordingly. Tend to your bright ones, the difficult ones might require simulation of alien conditions and the dormant ones would require extreme steps including scarification, soaking and stratification to increase the probability of germination.

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